USB Mixer/PA System for Online Meetings

USB Audio Mixer and PA System for small Teams and Zoom meetings

Expand your online meetings simply

With the current COVID situation impacting on events and meetings, we have seen an increase on enquiries from our clients to help them with their online Teams and Zoom meetings. Clients have asked us to help facilitate Hybrid meetings where delegates around a board table can interact with other delegates online.

By using our USB audio mixing desk allows simpler connectivity to a laptop for Teams and Zoom meetings. Multiple microphones can be connected to the mixer so that all delegates from the board meeting can be heard by those joining online and the incoming audio from the online delegates are fed into the mixer via the USA interface. The mixer is then connected to a pair of powered speakers which allows the delegates in
the board meeting to hear those joining online.

The advantage of a USB mixing desk is that only one USB connection is required rather than a number of cables and is also controlled by a built-in interface.

The USB connector from the mixer plugs straight into any USB port on a laptop and goes directly into the mixing desk, along with microphones and speakers.  The volume for the audio from delegates joining the meeting online is easy controlled by a fader on the mixing desk.

We would also install a large display monitor so that the online delegates can been seen and also share documents with the board room participants. On top of the display monitor we would attach a webcam so that the online delegates can also view the board room attendees.

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