LED Screen Sizes

Find out more about the exact measurements of the LED Monitors we can supply for your next event

Screen sizes that are just right

As everyone is well aware all TV screens are measured by their diagonal screen measurement, the most popular sizes we’ve found being 32”/50”/60”/75”/82”/86”.

The larger sizes of course relate to those LED screens currently available for commercial use, unless of course, you are extremely wealthy and want a wall to ceiling screen in your home.

It is important to have access to the width and height of large TV screens to know whether or not they can fit through doors, fit into lifts, be manoeuvred upstairs, around corners etc.  Diagonal measurements do not help with such basic requirements.  Very often LED screens are built into panels for use at exhibitions and conferences therefore it is essential to have the precise Height and Width measurements.
Below you will find width and height measurements for the most common sizes of LED/Plasma Screens.



LED Screen Measurements

Diagonal Screen size


Height and Width 16:9 Ratio

16”   x 28”        (40cm x 70cm)
25”   x 44”        (62.5cm x 110cm)
29.4”x 52.3”     (74.7cm x 132.8cm)
37”   x 65”        (92.5cm x 162.5cm)
41.4”x 72.2”     (105.20cm x 183.4cm)
43.5”x 74”        (110.5cm x 192.5cm)

Please note: – whilst we make every effort to be 100% accurate with these screen sizes there may be a slight difference between different manufactures, therefore treat these sizes as a close indication of the actual size of your LED screen.

Find the right Screen Size To help your Next event be Outstanding


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